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How to Banish the Blocks

to Attracting Money, Health and Love!


“Manifesting Miracles”

Complete Set of Guided Meditations to Manifest Miracles in “Your” Life

1.  Grounding Meditation

2.  The Crystal Caves (Chakra Balancing Meditation)

3.  Manifesting Miracles Meditation

Really, YOU can create whatever you want in your life. 

Dear Friends,

My name is Julie McAllister and like you, I am always wanting my life to be bigger and better!  I want more money, more happiness and love, and better health.  And I have finally figured out the key to getting it!  I went from being a small-town girl that no one had ever heard about to being a very successful internationally-known entrepreneur in a short, short amount of time.  Early on in my business my bookkeeper said, “Wow, you realize I usually see this kind of profit after several years, not after less than 1 right?  And that’s if the person stays in business.”  And every day keeps getting better and better!

My talent as a metaphysician and energy healer has expanded exponentially; I have a steady income, can afford a well-known business coach, opened an office that I only have to use a few days a month, AND get to work from home and spend plenty of time with my family.  Life is not only good, it’s FANTASTIC.  And yours can be too!

I’ve tried so many of the approaches given by Law of Attraction gurus such as those seen in the movie “The Secret” and while some of them work, I knew there was some piece I was still missing.

What about you, have you:

  • Tried numerous ways to manifest your heart’s desire?
  • Used affirmations?
  • Put action behind your dreams?
  • Put emotion behind your goals?

And yet you are still struggling to make your dreams a reality?

These are VERY important to do.  They definitely play a part in making your dreams come true.  But there is ONE THING MISSING.  And I was given this one thing by The Divine Being.  And I can’t wait to share it with you!!  Many of you know that I am a channel of The Divine Being.  This came directly from Him/Her in various ways, but it came very clearly when I was channeling the information for these meditations.  And it was a true A-HA! MOMENT!

So THAT‘s how you manifest anything you could ever possibly want!

~slaps forehead~

Who Else Wants to Banish Anxiety and Worries Forever?

In order to fly, you must first be grounded. 

How is that possible  to fly AND be grounded?  In order to be the very best you can be, you must have a connection with Mother Earth.  It brings peace to your energy, reduces or eliminates anxiety and allows you to be open to receiving your basic needs such as food, water, and money.  Yes, I said it, we DO need money in this world.  And it’s a basic need since it is the way our society barters.  By having our basic needs met, our anxiety goes away.  Think about it, if you didn’t have to worry about where your next meal or house payment or…you fill in the blank, was going to come from, you wouldn’t have a high level of anxiety.  This is all based in the root chakra.  Our physical health is also connected to the root chakra.  If you are well-grounded, then your physical health is likely to improve.  It is critical to keep the spirit and body integrated and being grounded is fundamental to this.

As spiritual people, we often prefer to be “out in the ether” so to speak but sometimes that means our energy becomes chaotic and “all over the place.”  We start feeling out-of-control, our worries seem to increase, as well as our questions.  We wonder why “this” is happening to us right now.  Until one of our fellow woo-woo friends says, “You’re not grounded.  You need to get grounded.”  And truly, before we can achieve our dreams, before we can fly like the perfect, beautiful beings that we are, we have to get grounded first.

And therefore, in this system I have created, the first thing you must do is get grounded.  I have created a short and beautiful guided meditation to help you ground.  Grounding should be done on a daily basis at minimum.  There are many ways to ground but this meditation is a lovely way to achieve it.

“Julie’s grounding manifestation is phenomenal. As a strong Earth sign I am typically very grounded but with the new energies and some personal issues, I haven’t been as successful as late to thoroughly ground. I have listened to this meditation every day for three days now and I am again feeling very solidly connected to Gaia and her essence. Thank you sooo much Julie for sharing your gifts with us.” ~Nikki Stair,

Are YOU Ready to Experience True Bliss?

Remember when you were a young child and some really simple thing made you ecstatic?  Maybe it was some object you found that you couldn’t WAIT to show your mom or dad?  Or maybe it was that first time you rode your bicycle without training wheels and you knew (without really understanding the concept) that you were experiencing true freedom?  Remember that feeling?  You rode down the street without looking back, the wind in your face and the world at your beck and call?  Wouldn’t you like to experience something like that every day?

How would you like for the main emotion you experience to be love?  Or peace?  Rather than worry, or anger, or resentment or fear?  How would you like to live in the moment rather than the past or the future?  When all your chakras are balanced, when they are healthy and turning, then you CAN experience this.  When you remove the blocks to love, all there is….is love.  And love is the natural status of our body.  Think back again to when you were a child.  You lived in the moment, you loved every moment.  You expressed whatever you wanted to express, whenever you wanted to express it.  Your energy was pure and unadulterated.  And granted as an adult, you have more responsibilities, but you can still remove the blocks to love and the very first step to doing that is by balancing your chakras.

When your chakras are blocked, you experience emotional swings, illness, accidents, loss of intuition, poor communication, doubt of self, hormonal imbalance and more.  Using this meditation will help you to balance those chakras and begin to eliminate all those blocks to love.

Aren’t you ready to have that childlike blissful feeling again?

I can show you how! 

“What a delightfully deep meditation where I could let go of my overactive mind and delve into a deep state of relaxation, rich inner sensation and deeper being. I find this meditation highly activating and such a richly beautiful inner journey so full of light. Thank you so much Julie for such a powerful mediation!” ~ Anya Connolly, Sound Healer, Spiritual Guide and Transformational Coach,

 Ready to Start Now?



Supercharge Your Manifesting! 

  • Lay the groundwork by using the grounding and chakra balancing meditations first.  This is not a part of ANY other manifestation program!  It is EXCLUSIVE to my guided meditations.
  • Discover the TRUE secret that the Divine Being channeled to me that will give your manifesting a turbo boost like you’ve never seen before! 
  • Use this system, 1 meditation or all 3, whenever you need it.  It’s barely over an hour of your time total! 
  • Attract and hold on to your ABUNDANCE, be it cash, relationships or health! 

I had many people asking me to record new meditations and one of the top ones they requested was a manifestation meditation.  But then my Higher Power said, “You have to cover all the bases Julie.  You can’t just attract it, you have to be able to hold onto it too.  So, here is what you need to create for them…..A grounding meditation, a chakra balancing meditation and THEN the manifestation meditation.”  And so He/She sent me the meditations and I’m so excited to share them with you now!

“With a rich soothing voice and gentle clear guidance Julie takes you deep into the recesses of your subconscious mind, accessing your connection with the Divine and your true power to manifest. I found myself letting go and deeply opening as Julie’s soothing voice guided me through an amazing release and renewal process allowing greater clarity and unimpeded focus on manifesting my goals. Such a beautiful and profound meditation, Julie! Thank you for offering such a rich experience!” ~ Anya Connolly, Sound Healer, Spiritual Guide and Transformational Coach,


 What Others Have to Say


“To say that Julie is a master is an understatement. Having her to gently and beautifully guide me through these meditations is a powerful, life transforming process. If you are someone that says “I can’t meditate” then this is the answer you’ve been looking for. By using Julie’s guided meditations you will begin to experience more peace, joy and love and abundance than you could have ever imagined. Meditation transforms into a joy instead of something you “need” to do. Thank you Julie for giving the world your gift!”~Roxanna Whittington,


“Julie McAllister delivers guided meditation magic with this must have trio of from-the-soul recordings. Each title speaks for itself and carries you deeper than you may have ever gone before. Totally relaxing, soothing and centering — all I had to do was hit play, sit back, close my eyes and let Julie do her inspired work. Superb!” ~ Mark Horn


“Listened to the Manifesting Miracles meditations last night. Only one word to describe them. AWESOME FANTASTIC AMAZING The manifestation was very spiritual. Julie did an amazing job creating these.”~J. Hardin, Bertram, TX


“I have always been excellent at manifesting abundance for everyone but myself. Julie’s abundance mediation helped me break though my blocks and truly connect with my ability to bring the abundance fully into my life. The first day I listened to it I found $17 in the washer, the second day I picked up two new clients so I am looking forward to continuing bringing the magic into my life. Thank you Julie!!!”~Nikki Stair,


“You have the perfect voice for meditations. It was very calming. The entire meditation was just perfect. I listen to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Meditations often and I love them. I love her books and her meditations and she is an awesome and smart lady but sometimes her voice at certain times on the meditations is annoying. So thanks again Julie.”~Name Withheld for Confidentiality Purposes

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In love and light,

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